Jaguar Energy Services is led by an experienced team of professionals with decades of oil and gas industry experience.


Jerry M. France, Chairman

Jerry France has over thirty years of oil and gas experience, including founding a domestic oil and gas drilling contract firm and serving as president of a NYSE listed E & P company.  Mr. France has an engineering degree from Christian Brothers College and an MBA from Harvard Business School and has been managing private investments for the past 10 years.


Jared Monk, President and CEO

Jared Monk is recognized as a leading technical expert in flow back operations.  Mr. Monk, along with his brother Jason, most recently developed the well testing division of a large, privately held energy services firm and supervised its growth to over 50 employees.  Jared has held supervisory positions in flow back and well testing for 12 years.


Jason Monk, Executive VP and CAO

Jason Monk has extensive field experience in flow back operations.  Working with his brother Jared, Mr. Monk was a key contributor to the growth of well testing divisions for two separate companies over the last 10 years.  Jason has extensive international experience and was called to assist BP and Schlumberger in the post-blowout well control operations of the BP Macondo well.